The Guardian (UK) : Rooftop Farming: why vertical gardening is blooming in Kampala (Uganda)

EL PAÍS (Spain) : Supersticiones que matan: el tráfico de huesos de albino (Mozambique)

New Internationalist (uk): what the land grabbers did next (Mozambique)

EL PAÍS Brasil (Brazil): O fiasco de um programa sueco para ajudar os pobres em Moçambique (Mozambique)

EL PAÍS (Spain): La deuda de los bosques escandinavos en el norte de Mozambique (Mozambique)

Marie CLaire (Hungary): Afrika üldözött gyermekei (Mozambique)

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EL PAÍS (Spain): Aquellos hombres barbudos a lo lejos... (Iraq)

The Sunday Telegraph (UK):  Traumatised by Isil - The Children of Iraq (Iraq)

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EL PAÍS (Spain): Miles de niños sirios en talleres clandestinos en Turquía (Turkey)

The Daily Telegraph (UK): Underage, Underpaid and Unwelcome (Turkey)

CNN (US): A hidden epidemic in Ukraine (Ukraine)

Days Japan (Japan) - ウクライナ - 紛争の裏で 深刻化するHIV感染 (Ukraine)






Nils Adler is a freelance journalist with a background in Social anthropology.

Since 2016, he has produced stories from Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq, Mozambique, Malta and Uganda.

In mid-2018, he decided to foucus on solutions journalism; highlighting the responses to issues such as climate change, Food security, urbanization, sanitation and disease.

Nils is HEFAT certified. The contents of his rucksack include a Canon 800D, Zoom H5 handy recorder, a notepad and a pen.

Additionally, he produces content for an online sports website.

He is available for commissioned work.