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Past Projects


Urban Farming in Kampala

Residents of Kampala are finding innovative solutions to the growing challenges of urbanisation by cultivating their own living spaces and re-using plastics.

Kampala, Jinja, 2018

Published: The Guardian (UK), El País (ES)

El único país de Europa donde el aborto es un completo tabú... hasta ahora

Malta es uno de los últimos Estados del mundo que prohíbe a la interrupción del embarazo en toda circunstancia. Pero el movimento maltés por el derecho a decedir empieza a harcerse oír.

Malta, 2018

Published: El País (ES)

Idle lands

Embezzlement, land-grabbing and broken promises remain the unfortunate legacy of a Swedish government funded program that had intended to reduce poverty through private sector investment.

Northern Mozambique, 2017

Published: The New Internationalist (UK), El País (ES)


Northern Mozambique has one of the highest prevalence rates of albinism in the world; many young children with the condition live under the threat of kidnap and death as their body parts are considered by some to have ‘healing powers’.

Northern Mozambique, 2017

Published: Marie Claire, El País (ES)


As ever increasing numbers of Syrians flee their homes in search of refuge in Turkey, employers operating in the informal market have taken advantage of their destitution.

Istanbul , 2016

Published: The Telegraph (UK), El País (ES)


Beatings, psychological torture and forced viewings of executions were inflicted on the young in villages under jihadist control.

Northern Iraq , 2016

Published: The Sunday Telegraph (UK), El País (ES)

A hidden epidemic in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in Europe, according to the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. The country, and Eastern Europe as a whole, has seen high numbers of infections since the collapse of the Soviet Union -- and much of it has been driven by drug use.

Ukraine, 2016

Published: CNN, Days Japan, Buzzfeed




Nils Adler is a freelance journalist with a background in Social anthropology.

Since 2016, he has produced stories from Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq, Mozambique, Malta and Uganda. they have been published in Days Japan, El País, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, Marie Claire and The New internationalist.

In mid-2018, he decided to foucus on solutions journalism; highlighting the responses to issues such as climate change, Food security, urbanization, sanitation and disease.

Nils is HEFAT certified. The contents of his rucksack include a Canon 800D, Zoom H5 handy recorder, a notepad and a pen.

Additionally, he produces content for an online sports website.

He is available for commissioned work.